Using various modes of printmaking, including silkscreen, monoprinting, and risograph printing, I create fantastical landscapes and still life scenes sourced from memory of environments personal to me and my imagination. These prints aim to explore the effect of place on emotions and human behavior along with the tendency for people to replicate nature in their day to day lives through artificial means. Primarily working with screen printing, I incorporate hand drawn and digitally manipulated films with screen treatments to craft variant matrixes. Tip of Your Tongue, my most recent body of work, reimagines commonplace environments turned personal monuments; the pond outside my home, the fountain on my way to and from work, the Bayou behind my neighborhood. Although I anticipate seeing them every day, each meeting is different. These routine encounters are reflected in the multiplicity of my unique prints; every print has the same matrix, yet every print is different. The prints included in Tip of Your Tongue are mere representations of my own environment, markers of memory. Each new edition moves further away from its original, resulting in visual, textural snippets of recollection. Ultimately, the playful structure and process exploration in my practice interact with the fundamentals of psychogeography, resulting in an oscillation between reality and abstraction, personal memory and an imagined paradise.